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The Art of Listening – The first Skill of a Scrum Master

​ I was once told that we have one mouth and two ears and that we should use them in those proportions. Now, those who know me will know that I struggle with that. I need to practive the Art of Listening…. Over the past few months I’ve been spending time exploring professional coaching via…
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How to prepare for Professional Scrum Master I (PSM) assessment

After delivering numerous Professional Scrum Master PSM courses I am often asked: “How do I pass the test?” People who attend the PSM course or the Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) course are given two attempts at passing the Professional Scrum Master I assessment; provided that they take the assessment within 14 days of sitting the…
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A Wet Weekend with the Scrum Values

Background Over a wet weekend in the UK, my 12 year old daughter was looking for something to do and decided to draw a poster to while away some time. My daughter decided that she would help me by making a poster about Scrum ( honestly!, I am not making this up. I didn’t realise…
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Recommended Reading for Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Assessment

When delivering Scrum.org’s Professional Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Foundation courses I often get asked for recommended reading to support the attendees further learning. Below is my list of Essential and Recommended Reading for anyone attempting the assessments. Essential Reading My go to references every time is obviously the Scrum Guide  and Scrum: A Pocket Guide: A…
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Radar Love – Visualising the Scrum Values

Working as a Scrum Master I asked myself… “How do I know if my team are demonstrating the Scrum Values? What can I use to show their current state?” Remembering an exercise I did some years ago whist at my local Agile group – Agile Yorkshire, I thought I could use a “Spider Web” to…
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Behaviours of an Agile Developer

After being a Developer and having worked with some great Scrum Teams, I thought it would be worth highlighting some of the characteristics an Agile Developer should have when working in an Agile team.  

What will the board look like tomorrow?

One of the purposes of the Daily Scrum is for the Development team’s opportunity to plan for the next 24 hours. Some teams naturally do this – working together to see where they can aim to be by the next Daily Scrum.

Definition of Done

The Definition of Done (DoD) enables a team to understand what things must happen to a Product Backlog Item (PBI) for it to be considered complete (done). The DoD is a list of statements (quite possibly a check list) that defines the actions and states what must be successfully completed to each PBI in the sprint, e.g. all code must be code…
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What Are Your Sprint Buttons?

Many years ago when I first attended a Scrum course, it was suggested that the burndown chart was similar to a boat moving from point a to point b and the burndown records its progress – sometimes it is on course, sometimes it is off and adjustments need to be made in order to correct…
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The Power of Done

Gunther Verheyen says that Scrum starts with Done and a recent incident in a Scrum Team I’m working with helped me remember the power of the Definition of Done.