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What will the board look like tomorrow?

What will the board look like tomorrow?

One of the purposes of the Daily Scrum is for the Development team’s opportunity to plan for the next 24 hours.

Some teams naturally do this – working together to see where they can aim to be by the next Daily Scrum.

Man looking at board at a Daily Scrum

When this doesn’t happen one question I use to trigger these thoughts is “What will the board look like tomorrow?” I must admit, this isn’t an original technique by me but one that I saw another Scrum Master, Barry Emerton, use very successfully whilst working at Sky in Leeds.

So, why is the question so powerful?

It reinforces that the point of Scrum is to get to Done. Moving people away from what they did yesterday to what they’re going to achieve today for tomorrow.

It focuses the team to look at how they’re going move forward and to make plans on how to do so.

It also focuses the team to the importance of the Daily Scrum. A coming together of team members working towards a common goal, the Sprint Goal.

Just by asking 1 question, you can get so many benefits.

I’d love to hear about techniques that you’ve used to help with the Daily Scrum